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good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. the unanimous vote came late last night. the richmond city council has decided to provide the money to keep three city schools open. or linda and grant schools were on the chopping block but it was the potential closing of
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kennedy high -- >> it's just a great way to start off this school year knowing that we have continuing funding that's just gonna keep the good things happening and our schools going. >> some council members argue the money might be better spent on police, highway, or library services but in the end, they all voted to provide the $ $1.5 million needed to keep the schools open for another year. we're keeping a close eye on some problems in san francisco. just a short time ago, pg&e restored power to the western edition and laurel heights area. now there's a new problem affecting homes in the south of market area. you are looking at live pictures of crews working on the problem. it's not clear when the lights will go on and it's still not clear what caused this blackout. stay tuned for an update. police have a new clue in
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their search for a serial arsonist who has been targeting tonny vail. kraig debro is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. i talked with an officer a little while ago. he told me no new arsons overnight and no new leads. they have a person of interest. a week ago today a firefighter saw someone running away. those firefighters that were able to help police with a catch, they are actually police officers trained in how to recognize and compile the description. i spoke with an officer this morning he said they are simply taught to observe and, more importantly, remember. firefighters believe they saw the -- believe the man they saw running from the arson on september 1st could be the same man in the surveillance videotape you see here. when he stands up, flames drove from a spot right next to where
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he's standing. the man who recorded this videotape also witnessed the fire. >> the fire start on the bottom, the right side, the bottom, the back and then there's more and more and more -- and more. >> it's a highly densely populated apartment complex area so the threat is even bigger. >> reporter: police say what's being set on fire is debris, dumpsters and a few vehicles. this is one of the vehicles in the fire. somebody was inside the cab when the fire started. >> the police officers were on the scene and were able to rescue him from the vehicle before he was injured and killed. it's growing by intensity in severity. we're trying to put a stop to this before somebody does get hurt or killed. >> reporter: this is a composite of the suspect.
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he's described as an hispanic, 19, 20. 5'" to 5'10". police say he's only a person of interest at this point. reporting live in sunnyvale, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:03. there was some pretty tense moments in one castro neighborhood last night. the trouble started when sheriff deputies got a frantic call when a man was inside a home on grissom and lux. officials surrounded the house. they spent 90 minutes securing the neighborhood. the man surrendered after negotiators arrived on the scene. it's still not clear if he had a gun. investigators say it's possible the whole incident may have been due to some type of understanding. in one hour, the grim search at an east lay landfill is scheduled to resume.
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police are looking for the body of frederick salas. they are be back at the keller canyon landfill in one hour. he's been its -- frederick salas has been missing since august 26th. efrain is suspected of killing salas and three other people. the attorney for 20-year- old charles ritenhouse will have ask -- will ask a judge to reduce his bail. police say they found bomb- making material at his home along with the bodies of his wife and wife's friend. valdemoro was an acquaintance of it those woman and have tied him to their death. well, funding for a b.a.r.t. project could get the green light tonight. jade hernandez is in oakland getting reaction from riders.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. critics say it's too much money but the vote is in three hours. we're live at the b.a.r.t. alameda street location. this is where passengers get off before they can get on to air b.a.r.t. and go to the airport. passengers pay an extra $3, exact change for a bus ride and then wait for the bus to fill. >> b.a.r.t. wants to allocate offset moneys lost in february for a project to oakland international. but it would be between $68 and $100 in taxpayer money per rider. the tram would carry riders 3.2 miles, the total price tag is set around $484 million.
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some riders are ready for -- ready for the change despite the cost. >> i live in berkeley. it's almost as easy to go to sfo because it's roughly -- it's a little bit longer but not much. it's a direct train. >> reporter: not everyone is pushing this project. there are groups who say there are other cheaper options like a bus express lane to get riders to the airport faster. they would time traffic signals and add a dedicated bus lane. now, all of this at a cost of about $15.86. the metropolitan transportation committee is expected to vote today at 10:00 a.m. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, jade. 7:07. we want to check in now with sal who is keeping a close eye on the commute, especially a big problem out in livermore. >> yeah. this accident that we had tori just after 3:20 this morning a
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big rig that hit the guardrail. the big rig is long gone but the traffic remains. they were blocking the left lane there for a while to clean up the fuel spill. it took about three hours to do that. all of the lanes are finally cleared but that slow traffic there is really, really bad coming back to almost 205. all of the lanes are open. but the damage is ton done. if you are a 580 driver, you get into the area and it will be extra slow. if you are driving across any of the bridges, san mateo or bum -- dash dumbarton, it looks pretty good there, all the way out to highway 101. you can see 101 and 280 are not that bad yet. and in the south bay, slow traffic heading north.
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7:08. here's steve. what a change. look at this -- i mean, angry sky. >> looking a little angry. >> looking a little angry there. >> we have a cold front going through. temperatures have just dropped off the table compared to where they were sunday and monday. live stormtracker2 we actually had to shake the dust off a littleby -- a little bit. look at that. light rain has been falling up to northern california and the valley. if things keep going and marching as advertised, next week it looks like rain. today, cooler and winy. there's been a lot of drizzle. coast and bay. some measurable amounts, san francisco, peninsula as well. even oakland the last two hours, drizzle, drizzle. afternoon hours are possible to the north and east. i will mention it i think
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you'll see these clouds pass on. it will be warner as we go into the weekend. there's the system coming through. we'll have clouds in the morning. low clouds and high and mid- level clouds. then we'll have sun and the next piece of energy will give us a possibility of showers later on. 67 today. now, i will warm up the coast up a little bit -- i will warm the coast up a little bit. walnut creek, 67. 67. 68 in san jose and downtown oakland we'll go 66. 8 at mount tam. that's down 22 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. huge drop, 50s for everybody he else -- 50s for everybody else. 51 in tahoe but reports coming out of the mountains, howling wind. in fact very, very wind conditions will come up and
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spill in. the front going through and the low will drop off at eureka eureka/crescent city. fog and drizzle gives way to sunshine but a rather blustery day and temperatures far below average. 50s, 60s and low 70s. i will mention this again maybe eastern napa, solano, possibility of showers later today. cold tomorrow morning, sunny, warmer as we go through the rest of the week. 7:11. don't be surprised if you see smoke and flames in the hills of southern fremont later this morning. federal fish and game officials and the fire department will be conducting a controlled burn at 880 and kushing to help prevent wildfires as the new fire season begins. the exact time when the
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controlled burn will start will all depend on the wind conditions. this morning, bp just released its internal investigation into the gulf oil disaster. find out why this report is causing the beleaguered company's stock to rise. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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we'll have snipe but -- sunshine but rather breezy
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conditions. highs in the 60s. tori? >> thank you, steve. this morning, bp is spreading the blame for the oil rig explosion that led to the massive oil spill. the bp posted a 193-page internal report on the website of theirs. the report blames multiple companies and work teams. following the release of the report, bp's stock price rose by 3%. investigators say with bp spreading the blame for the spill, they believe the company may try to spread the financial burden as well. today, president obama heads to cleveland, ohio to unveil his latest proposal to boost the economy. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the details. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, tori. it's a plan that will give democrats something new to run on ahead of the november elections and president obama says it will bring relief to american businesses. today, in cleveland, the president will announce a $200 billion package of tax cuts and
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investments, including the proposal to allow companies to write off 100% of the funds they spend investing in facilities and equipment between now and the end of 2011. >> this isn't about the next 60 days or the next 90 days. this is about how do we get our economy fully back on track? >> now, the president wants to spend $50 billion on projects to improve the nation's roads, rails and runways. he says he can do it without increasing the deficit. president obama will also make very clear today that he wants to let the bush tax cuts expire for households making more than $250,000 a year. that is an idea that's very unpopular with republicans here on capitol hill. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. alison, thank you. well, this morning we're finding out more about what kind of deal oracle offered
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former hewlett-packard ceo, mark hurd. oracle says hurd's base sally is $950,000 -- salary is $950,000 a year. hp is suing hurd. they say hurd signed a confidentiality agreement to keep him from using its trade secrets at oracle. that case could be tough to win, since california courts usually favor allowing employees to move freely between competitors. state supreme court will hear arguments on whether or not governor schwarzenegger has the power to furlough state employees in order to save money. three lawsuits by state employees claim the state constitution does not give the governor the power to take unpaid days off. but the governor says it does,
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during a fiscal emergency. if the court agrees with the workers they stand to get retro pay since 2009. governor schwarzenegger will make a pitch for the bay area to host the world's fair. pam cook joins us now with the story. >> governor schwarzenegger leaves tomorrow for a six-day trip to china. he will get a first look at expo 2010 in shanghai. it's attracted nearly 50 million visitor the from around the world since it -- visitors from around the world since it started. like the olympics, it brings millions of dollars to an area. the next one will be in milan, italy in 2010. "the chronicle" reports that he's making the trip to try to bring the fair here in 2020. it would be the first time in 0 -- in 20 years since they hosted the event.
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it was held in treasure island in 1929 and in the marina district in 1915. however, there's one major hurdle to bringing the event back here to the bay area. several years ago we understand the u.s. stopped paying its dues to the organization in charge of the world fair and congress would have to approve the spending of the money. dave? >> thank you, pal pam. the san francisco city clerk's office says it won't happen again. that's after yesterday's board of supervisors meeting had to be cancelled as soon as it started because the required notice was not pested in the paper. an office worker says she put that notice in the paper. >> we'll function just fine without the board member meeting on tuesday. >> now, many city residents came to that meeting reready to
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spread their feelings on a contentious issue. this will help recruit millions of dollars it spends every year on healthcare costs related to alcohol abuse. how far, bar owners say that will hurt business. this issue will move to the agenda for next tuesday's meeting. the second of two small asteroids were discovered sunday by nasa scientists. first one passed the earth by 3:00 this morning. the second one is expected around 2:00 this afternoon. we're gonna take a look at whooping cough and misdiagnosis. the reason stepped-up treatment can save infants from this highly contagious disease. good news for the bay area company that's turning algae
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into something to eat. northbound 101, traffic is moving along slowly. we'll tell you more about spots really bad and we'll tell you why.
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"the wall street journal" reports one of the bay area's greenest company is about to get backing from a company recognized around the world. the company will announce it's investing in solazon in south san francisco. they've developed an algae oil that could be replaced for oil used in products such as dove soap. barbara boxer praised this yesterday. among the items of food they make, cookie, honey mustard, made with algae oil.
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state health officials are increasing their efforts to protect infants from whooping cough after an analysis of infant deaths. all eight victims were misdiagnosed with a common cold despite repeated visits to the doctor. by the time the whooping cough was diagnosed, it was too late to save them. parents and other adults in close contact with infants, you are also being urged to get vaccinated. car booster seats for children between the ainge of 4 and -- age of 4 and 8 are getting safer. that's including the -- that's according to the ratings of. they include -- >> just nine seats got the best bet rating last year. you can see the complete list
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of all of the top-rated booster seats op our channel 2 website, all right. 7:2. we want to check in with sal castanedo, keeping a close eye on the commute out there. hi, sal. >> it seems as if the commutes are competing to see which one can be worse. we've had some slow ones. 80 is very slow in richmond and el cerrito. if this is your commute, leave the house early. we had some earlier -- i would say minor mishaps on the bridge. an ac transit bus spilled transmission fluid. things are slow. now it's just a completely a mess at the bay bridge toll plaza. this morning in the south bay, we have a little bit of slow traffic appearing on some of the freeways. things are slowing down in san jose on 85, parts of 280 and 101. here's steve. all right. sal, thank you. what a change compared to
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24 hours ago. we have 60s under cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. there's been a lot of drizzle. also along much of the coast, streets are wet. even in the higher locations we're getting measurable amounts. you can call it light rain if you want. drizzle, cooler, windy. clouds, then sun but windy and cooler and a possibility of some showers, especially to the north and east later on today. 50s and 60s. 57 due to the cloud cover. this is an extremery cold air mass and very dynamic system dropping down. there's already showers near eureka and redding. some of them may drift our way. so fog, drizzle gives way to some sun but very breezy, blust blustery, 50s to 60s. a far cry from anything close toal normal. very cold morning in wind-
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protected areas. warmer, friday, saturday, sunday. san francisco is raking in millions of dollars more in parking tickets. you will find out why that trend could continue and in which neighborhood. >> reporter: we're live at hogan high school in vallejo this morning, where students are reacting to a stabbing outside of a classroom 24 hours ago. i just talked to someone who saw that attack. we'll tell you why she says it all started. he ads mits -- admits to the shooting of a fremont police officer but admits he's innope sent to the most -- innocent of the most serious part of that crime.
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fires have been reported in the fair oaks area since may and kraig debro has a look at the video. >> reporter: good morning. police have two important clues in this case. they have composite sketches of a person of interest and a surveillance videotape recorded by a neighbor of one of the nine arsons from last week. now, the neighbor recorded this tape and now police have it. so they are working with the two men -- one of lives across
7:31 am
the street. he says he put the camera out because of previous vandalism. on the tape, you can see the figure but not who it is. and then you can see as he gets up, the flames grow. >> i see -- i park my car outside and make sure my car is safe. it's fine today. tomorrow, i don't know. >> reporter: a truck also caught fire. a person happened to be sleeping in the truck. police say if their officers hadn't arrived when they did, the man would have been hurt. firefighters were able to give a description to the man seen running from the seen. the man is hispanic, 19 to 20, 5'8". police say he's just a person of interest right now. coming up, we'll tell you who
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helped them compile the sketch. back to you. >> thank you, kraig. we posted that sketch on our website at go to the web link section on the front page to get a good look. >> there's no additional security at hogan high school despite a violent attack on campus yesterday. claudine wong is in vallejo right now, she's talking with parents and i know you have new details about what led up to that incident. good morning, craw dean. >> reporter: that's right, i just talked to a girl who said she witnessed the attack. she didn't want to go on camera because she said she didn't want to get involved in any of this. she said the two were friends. this was all a fight over $3. this all happened yesterday morning around 7:45 on campus. the kid i talked to said the victim was slashed once across the cheek. it happened around 7:45 in the moving in what is called the tunnel which is a corridor.
7:33 am
the injuries are fairly minor. the victim has been released from the hospital. one individual i spoke with said he heard about the stabbing and he's very concerned about sending his children to school. >> this kid gets stabbed over 3 bucks! what is this world coming to! straight up. what is this world coming to! >> reporter: the police are still trying to find the person responsible who is a student here at hogan. no extra security on camera. from what i'm told, they feel like they have dealt with this issue and they don't think there are additional security concerns today. we'll continue to follow up on this and check back in with you coming up on "mornings on 2." claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. meantime, some former police officers from vallejo will now be working in richmond. that's because the richmond police department is hiring at a time when other bay area
7:34 am
police departments are cutting their first. now, richmond hired six more officers just sworn in. three of them have been in the vallejo police d, which has seen layoffs -- police department which has seen layoffs. they will go through more training and orientation before they go out and hit the streets. the american red cross will hold a special blood drive today and tomorrow in honor of fremont police officer todd young. officer young remains in serious condition at highland hospital in oakland after he was shot and wounded last month. his injuries required multiple surgeries and enough transfusions to replace his blood ten times over. you can call the red cross to make an appointment. the man charged with shooting officer young made his first court appearance
7:35 am
yesterday. about 70 fremont police officers were also there to show their support for their colleague. an investigator says andrew -- an investigator says andrew barrientos admitted to the crime but did not know he was a police officer. >> whether this turns out to be the shooting of a police officer or a tragic misunderstanding on the streets of oakland remains to be seen. >> the two officers serving the warrant at the suspect's home had yelled "police" before the shooting. 7:35. the only gun store in -- gun store in san francisco could permanently lose his permit to sell guns today. the manager of high bridge arms on mission street is asking the police department to reinstate a permit that lapsed in january. they want to turn the building into office space but the city
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turned down that proposal. neighborhood groups are fighting that renewal attempt. they could either approve it, deny it or send it to the police chief for review. san francisco is making in -- is raking in millions of dollars at parking meters more than a year ago. this comes from a combination of prices at the meters and a rise in costly violations. the yearly revenue has increased about $9 million and citation numbers are up by more than $3 million overall. free parking spaces are about to become tougher to find in some san francisco neighborhoods. the agency has voted to install more than 1400 new parking meters in ten neighborhoods. the new meters in the areas including fishermen's what wharf, the mission and at&t park are expected to generate about $2 million a year. 7:36. leaders of muni's driver's union are talking talking about
7:37 am
a rumor about a planned sickout for next week. now, this was sparked by a flier urging all of the muni drivers to call in six between -- sick between september 14th and 17, when the l.a. dodgers come to play the giants. how far, a muni driver official says it's illegal to strike. sal knows how important muni is for commuters. let's check in with the rest of the commute. >> yeah. a lot of times i just don't take the car down to at&t. i will take muni, the n-judah for sure. hopefully there won't be any trouble. i would say it's kind of a troubling commute in some of these areas. the bay bridge, it wasn't that bad. we did have a stalled ac transit bus on the upper deck of the bay bridge briefly but what happened was it spilled
7:38 am
some transmission fluid. so the tranny went out. they took the bus away but the fluid was making things up slow on the bridge for a little while. 880 north and southbound, traffic is moving along okay here at the coliseum. the as play tonight, the mare rememberers in, at 7:00 or something. i was mentioning how 280 was doing well -- well and then it has started to slow down getting um to highway 17. here's steve. stu, sal what a change. we have a lot of low clouds around. drizzle, a very, very strong system for this time of year is already moving through. two parts. the front is going true now. we get low clouds and higher clouds as well as a lot of drizzle by the coast and the possibility of showers coming in later on.
7:39 am
also coming down from the west, possibility of lake county. maybe off to the east. as we destabilize the air a little bit. for the morning, low clouds, drizzle. the fog has lifted way up there around 4,000 feet. there should be enough cold air coming in to wipe out the fog. so mostly sunny by the coast. windy and cool for everybody. by the evening, sun and wind by the coast. over interior, especially over the higher vale -- elevations. there's the system coming through. we'll cloud up again as that next piece of energy drops in. temperatures will be com. 80 in santa rosa, 6 today. 62 in san francisco. why warmer? because i think there will be enough cold air to wipe out the fog. yesterday was solid most of the day. today we should get the breakthrough. walnut creek only 67 and windy.
7:40 am
cool, 66 oakland. same as san francisco. you should see the low clouds get cued up. 48 mount tam down 22. there's your cool air aloft. when you get temperatures hike that, the fog really can't control itself. the second part of this system could give us showers in the afternoon. not on the coast but inland. clouds and drizzle gives way to sunshine but windy conditions. we'll cloud it up but temperatures continue to go down. fog, drizzle, windy cooler with showers north and east. mendocino county, lake county,
7:41 am
solano and contra costa later on today. 60s and 70s at best. tomorrow it will be clear and cold in the morning and breezy and sunny and a little warmer as we go into friday and saturday. tori? >> thank you. there is concern that an incoming storm could fan the flames in humboldt county. it's been burning about 30 miles south of eureka since monday night. one structure was destroyed by the flames. but no other buildings were threatened. the fire has burned 350 acres of the terrain which is less than what caltrans investigated. the cause is still under investigation. more fire crews are heading to colorado as the wife near boulder continues to rage out of control. flames destroyed 29 structures including 53 homes so far. the fire has burned, 11 square miles. that's an area slightly slower than the city of alameda.
7:42 am
3500 people have been evacuated. but no injuries have been reported. major league baseball has not decided if the as can move to san jose but the team's owner is taking a big step in case he gets the green light. take a look at this. why this bus driver was so determined to get across the flooded bridge. [ thinking if only there were a place where banks competed to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage, that would be awesome. sure, like that'll happen. don't just think about it -- spend 10 minutes at lendingtree and save up to $258 a month.
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how would i make school field trips to the zoo! more basketballs. soccer balls. and a museum! [ growls more basketballs. soccer balls! more books. yeah. like just a ton of books. girl and books about soft things. soft and slimy. [ female announcer now clip double box tops for education. from totino's pizza rolls and party pizzas. and make their school a better place. taking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks are rising this morning as investors are trying to brush off fresh worries about the health of european banks. and the beige book is out this afternoon. and that could provide insight
7:45 am
into the domestic recovery. the dow is up at 10,479. s&p is up 9. starting today, travelers flying to the u.s. from certain countries will be required to play a new tourist tax. this affects air and sea travelers from dozens of countries, including those in europe, as well as new zealand, japan and korea. since january of last year, these travelers have been required to fill out an online form allowing the security to check their name on the no-fly list. the new fee is expected to cover that cost. tourism is up by about 11% compared to this time last year. it's due in part to sfo adding three new international carriers. while tourists are spending about 20% to 15% less here due to the lagging economy, the eurodollar exchange is still
7:46 am
giving visitors more bang for their buck. >> in euros $20 is like 12 euros. let's take three. [ laughter ] >> next spring, pier 39 will hold a convention for more than 5,000 tour operators from all over the world. the goal is to showcase the city and get more international tourists to visit here. 7:45. in sports, well, the as have hired an architect to build a new ballpark in san jose. >> once you have an architect on board, you can refine the plans, begin the details and get prepared to answer the questions about the site itself and how it's all gonna work. >> now, lew wolff has proposed
7:47 am
an architectural firm to build the parts. the as are still waiting to see if they will get the approval from major league baseball to move the storm. we'll show you more photos of the proposed new ballpark at just look for the "slide show" tab. well, state insurance commissioner steve poizner is now endorsing his former opponent, meg whitman. in a statement, poizner says he endorses whitman along with all of the other candidates in the november election. analysts say his endorsement of whitman appears half-hearted. in that statement, he only mentioned whitman by name one time. whitman's campaign says there's no camps for joint appearances, at least so far. a new russ masn poll shows carly fiorina and barbara boxer
7:48 am
oning neck-and-neck. fiorina is at 48%. boxer, 47%. in july, boxer was ahead by 5%. there's widespread speculation that white house chief of staff rahm emanuel will run for mayor of chicago now that current mayor, richard daley, announced he will not seek a second term. russian emanuel said he wanted to run for go but he would not -- rahm emanuel said he wanted to run for governor but he would not run against daly. a san francisco man is getting death threats because of his threatening to burn the
7:49 am
koran. several florida churches will read from it to counteract the negativism. we're following a disturbing development out of iraq. that's where an iraqi soldier opened fire on american troops at an iraqi base killing two soldiers and injuring nine more. the u.s. was, there are reports, that the soldier got into some sort of argument with his americans and pulled out his shooting and started weaponing. the u.s. troops returned fire and killed that iraqi sol the two u.s. service members were killed -- are the first to be
7:50 am
killed there until president obama announced combat operations are over. l.a. police are pleading for calm after a second night of violent protests in downtown los angeles. it started out peacefully but ended with demonstrators igniting a small fire in the streets. twenty-two people were arrested, mainly for failing to disperse. also in los angeles, the fbi says it found no explosives overnight aboard an international flight where a bomb threat was found scribbled on a bathroom mirror. after landing at l.a.x. last night, the thai airways flight was taken to a remote area where passengers got off. the officials conducted a thorough search but found nothing. the note was found two hours earlier when the plane was coming in from bangkok.
7:51 am
you gotta see this. a bus crossing a flooded bridge in nicaragua. imagine if you are in the window seat the the bus was apparently crossing here because the only other bridge out of that town was just completely washed away. we're told there were ten people inside that bus. they all had to catch a flight so they decided they would just risk it. as you can imagine, everybody was holding their breath as that driver inched across the rushing waters. believe it or not, they made it across safely, tori. >> disclaim he, don't try this at home. you can see how strong the water is. >> it's amazing. >> okay. 7:51. there is a new push to send kids to preschool and this time it's coming from bay area police officers. and one zero-tolerance policy has a lot of parents upset. we'll tell you what people are
7:52 am
saying about it and what it is doing for business.
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the group "fight crime, invest in kids in california" says spending $17 million on preschools would save money to public schools, up to $00,000 because people who attend preschool are less likely to repeat grades. the study also shows those people who attend preschool are less likely to commit crimes later in life. the owner of the old salty restaurant says she's just tired of hearing customers complain about screaming kids. so she put up this sign, saying "screaming children will not be tolerated." >> if they find it offending, i suggest they find another restaurant to eat at. we're not going to tolerate it. >> i've never seen a restaurant
7:56 am
say don't bring your screaming kids in here. you can't help it if your kids scream. >> despite complaints, restaurant owners say that new policy is actually bringing in new business. >> i've seen a sign at some places where it says, children left alone will be given three lattes and three puppies. a little bit of a joke but a reminder to keep your eye on your kids. >> very interesting. >> let's check in with sal castanedo. how about obnoxious adults? >> yeah. >> let's go out to somebody who has been personally obnoxious. i can tell you that this commute on 580, there have been a lot of adjectives. i got a tweet from jack who size he's traveled six miles in 35 minutes. he says traffic is backed up from at least 11th street and tracy. wow. that's a huge backup. this is because of an earlier crash that hanked at:30 this
7:57 am
morning. the -- 3:-- that happened at 3:30 this morning. the backup is terrible. the bay bridge is backed up around the macarthur macarthur maze. at least a 20-minute delay. this morning. there it is, it's backed up big time at the toll plaza. let's go to steve. >> measurable rain in san francisco. .02. low clouds, fog, coast, drizzle. some of the higher elevations, especially along skyline, peninsula, had had about .5, .6. that's a lot. therethere is a spin in the ap at oregon, california, crescent city. clouds, sun, windy. drizzle will give way to sunshine on the coast. but a little bit warmer just slightly. even though there's cool air there, it should wipe out the clouds. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. look at that. that's a very impressive system. the low spinning right off the
7:58 am
oregon coast. that could fire up afternoon showers to the north and east of the bay. windy, cooler, fog. temperatures far below average. upper 60s to very low 70s. san jose, concord, 67, 68. cold tomorrow and then warmer friday, saturday, sunday. dave and tori? richmond city leaders make their decision on closing three schools. >> i want the -- i don't want the school district to be misinterpreted that we're gonna be an atm machine for them. >> there are some concerns tied to the vote. well, mark hurd took a $12 million severance with him when he left hewlett-packard. now we'll tell you how much more he could make at his new job ator raw kell. oracle. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote
7:59 am
8:00 am
the vote came late last night. richmond city leaders have decided the fate of three schools. >> reporter: what special
8:01 am
skills people in sunnyvale have. critics say it's too much money but supporters want a smoother, more reliable ride. we just got off the phone with chief spokesman lyndon johnson with b.a.r.t. we'll here what he says. it's been 70 years since the world's fair was out here. there will be another one here if the governor gets his way. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, september 8th. and we begin with breaking news out of sacramento. we want to show you some live chopper pictures from our sister station, kcra. police were in a standoff situation with an armed
8:02 am
suspect. that looks like the suspect being led away into the back of a patrol car. this is happening in a mcdonald's parking lot in sacramento. businesses in the area were locked down. police activity has the area of -- this is happening at elkhorn boulevard and diablo drive in north highlands in that part of sacramento. this all started at 6:30 this morning. apparently there was some kind of standoff between police and that man being put in the back of the patrol car. it looks like the situation has ended peacefully in sacramento. if we get any more information we'll bring it to you. 8:02. in other news, back here at home, the vote was unanimous late last night. the richmond city council decided to give the money to keep three city schools open. olinda and grant elementary schools were on the chopping block but it was the possible closing of kennedy school that caused the most concern. we talked to one kennedy teacher just moments after last
8:03 am
night's city council vote. >> it's a great way to start off this school year, knowing that we have funding to keep the schools going. >> some city council members ark that money would be better spent on the the police, the fire, the library services but in the end, they all voted to provide the $ $1.5 million to keep three preschools open for a new year. we just checked with pg&e getting an update on this morning's power outages. the crews expect to restore electricity to everybody in the south of market area before 10:00 this morning. the lighting went out in 400 homes and businesses shortly before 4:00 a.m. still not clear what caused the power outage. earlier, a blown transformer knocked out prior too customers in the laurel heights area and western heights division. the lights came on just a few
8:04 am
moments ago. police have new clues for a serial arsonist targeting sunnyvale. >> kraig debro is live with the latest on the investigation. no new arsons to report and no needs on the suspect. police have a composite sketch of a person of interest in this case. firefighters saw somebody running from the scene of one of the fires. in sunnyvale, firefighters and police rotate jobs. so those firefighters that gave the description to the police so they could comthe question. they were also police officers doing their job. i spoke to one officer who said they are trained to remember and observe. the figure on the tape, bends down. when he stands up, frames grow. the man who recorded the video
8:05 am
also witnessed the fire. >> the fire, on the right side of the bottom, the back. and it's coming more and more and more. >> it's occurring in an area that's a highly densely populated area so the they is greater. >> reporter: police say what's being set on fire is a combination of debris, dumpsters and a few vehicles. this is one vehicle damaged. it's not clear it the arsonist knew it but there was something inside the cab of the vehicle when the fire started. >> fortunately for him, the officers were on the scene. that's why, again, it's going by intensity and severity and trying to put a stop to this before anyone gets killed or hurst. >> reporter: and this is a sketch of the man seen running from the fire. there were nine fires in may
8:06 am
police are hoping the public will spot the man and help them with leads in this case. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news ktvu channel 2 news. at any moment, the grim search resumes at the keller landfill looking for the body of fed derek salas. >> the -- frederick salas. he's been missing since august 26th. investigators believe he may be the victim of a fifth rampage. also, another person tied to the charles riten -- to the
8:07 am
rampage, the attorney for charles ritenhouse will ask for a rediction in bail. police found bomb-making material in the house along with his wife and her friend. a critical vote is scheduled for a controversial b.a.r.t. extension project. jade hernandez joins us with new information. >> reporter: critics say it's too much money but reporters want a smoother ride to the oakland name. we're live and this is where passengers get off and they get right back on air b.a.r.t. to get to the airport. right now an air b.a.r.t. ride costs riders $3. that fare could rise to $8.
8:08 am
the chief spokesman for b.a.r.t. says there's no plans to raise fares if the -- if this is built. they lost about $70 million for the project. b.a.r.t. would send between $68 and $120 to packs payier money per rider. the difference between air b.a.r.t. and an automated people mover, the total price tag of the project is around $ $484 million. one rider says the new tram would not damage you into the airport -- take you into the airport. so any fare hikes wouldn't be worth it for her. >> the bus works fine. i work at the airport. i do this five times a back --
8:09 am
a week. it's gonna go from $2 a trip to $8. that's gonna put me right back. >> this is not the most convenient system i don't think. so -- yeah, if they had something that brought you closer to the airport, i would be all for that. >> reporter: i did speak to the chief spokesman for b.a.r.t. he disputes the $8 rate hike. all at $15.80 per rider, that's a lot cheaper than a tram, the metropolitan agency is expected to vote whether or not to move forward and allocate state money for this project. the vote is expected in two
8:10 am
hours. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 8:09. let's go to sal. on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the commute this morning? >> let's just say it's a -- a 5 if -- >> oh, okay. >> it's bad. i'm getting confused here. it's bad, dave. >> it's bad. >> okay. god, that was lame. let's take a loot at the commute now, traffic is -- i will just usage differents. they are helpful --age executives -- adjectives. let's take a look at the westbound been. s that backed up about 20 minutes. they also had a transmission fluid spill. they had to clean that up. the bus is gone but the traffic
8:11 am
is still lingering. our 580 commute has been much bigger. but 580 is backed up well back into tracy. again we had one tweet where some small soul took 35 minutes to drive about six miles or so. here's steve. thank you, sal. you can also tweet me if you would like. there's some rain coming down. we had record rain down in crescent city. .19 fell. some of that may filter in to humboldt and there's also some off to the sacramento valley. even though it's not much. it's there. now, for locally, maybe parts of napa county, solano and contra costa later on today. drizzle, coast and bay. afternoon showers are possible. i'm just kind of mentioning
8:12 am
this to cover myself. here comes the next piece of energy. very cold, unstable air coming down. we -- areas like santa rosa -- areas like santa rosa and san jose, we had 90s. not today. the city warmed up a long with oakland. mount tam drop be -- mount tam dropped 22 degrees. that's a huge drop. 50s for everybody, 50s or very low 60s. very windy up to the sierra nevada. maybe some showers up to shasta skis cause later on -- skis cue later on. >> that low is gonna keep our
8:13 am
temperatures below average and the possibility of a few isolated showers. let's definitely there for the drizzle rater on -- later on. i think you will notice the breeze and the cool more than anything else. cold tomorrow morning and then sunny, slightly warmer we'll take that into friday and saturday. dave and tori? the meeting that wasn't. >> i can hardly believe it! [ laughter ] >> a simple mistake that caused the cancellation of the board of supervisors' meeting in san francisco and the key issue that had to be shelfed until next week. the game -- the blame game. we're getting a look into the gulf oil spill and who bp is pointing the finger on.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
. low clouds, fog, drizzle, san jose. even some possibility of showers today. we'll get some sun but windy and cooler. highs in the 60s. this morning bp is spreading the blame for that oil rig explosion that led to the massive gulf oil spill. bp posted a 193-page internal report on its website. it's blaming multiple companies and work teams for the oil spill. following the release of that report, their stock prices went up by 3%. investors say with wp spread --
8:17 am
bp spreading the blame for the spill, they believe the company may spread the burden as well. we're hearing more about oracle's offer to mark hurd. they say hurd's base salary is $193,000 a year and he will be eligible for a bonus of $5 million at the end of 2011. but hp is suing to keep hurd from joining oracle, saying he signed a confidentiality agreement to not use trade secrets. the bill and melinda gates foundation is promising to be more transparent. this includes an acknowledgement that it is too secretive and hard to work with. the foundation's ceo says he's working for clearer communication and hopes that
8:18 am
will clear up things. the statement is right next to the foundation's priority for the near future. it's a good bet the san francisco's clerk office will make sure to post notice of the next supervisors' meeting in the newspaper. that's after the meeting had to be cancelled because the required notice was not posted in the newspaper. the clerk's office says the aide sent the listing for the newspaper but it never made it in. >> we'll take all of these general items and have a really long meeting. >> we'll come back next week to express our thoughts and concerns. >> many came to discuss alcohol fees helping the city recoup millions of dollars it spends each year in exchange for medical problems. the issue moves to the agenda
8:19 am
for next tuesday's meeting. a case in a san francisco courtroom today pit state employees against governor schwarzenegger. the state supreme court will hear arguments on whether governor schwarzenegger has the power to furlough state workers to save money. three lawsuits filed by state employees claim the state cons tuesday does not give the governor the power to make workers paid un-- take unpaid days off. the governor says it does during a fiscal emergency. if the court sides with workers, they stand to win retro active pay for all furlough days since february of 2009. governor schwarzenegger wants the bay area to hold -- to host the world's fair in 2020. san francisco has been the host of the fair twice in 1939 and in 1915. today's chronically reports the -- kron neck kell reports about
8:20 am
50 million visitors this summer. there's one hankor hurdle. several years ago, the u.s. stopped paying dues. and congress would have to approve spending the money to rejoining that organization. so a little bit of a catch there. there's some good news about a bay area company that turns algae into something they say you will want to eat. it was a festive occasion at the white house. the first lady held a special event designed especially dancers. good morning. 680 traffic here looks pretty good. but many areas of the commute don't look good.
8:21 am
8:22 am
ancaone nt wi ? lc uime was. mae ii? e was ogm atle y gywre. lc uime was. mt's tre yte. nola os. mtnoesicon yte. blonha cdidet d sissar. aswh mte.
8:23 am
you are looking inside the white house. this is the east room of the white house. dance students took part in special workshops and special dancers pearl formed like this woman. this was hosted by michelle obama to help support the arts. there will soon be a new movie about ronald reagan.
8:24 am
it's called "reagan." the hollywood reporter says it will be about his life from his boyhood all the way true his residency. the movie is due to be released late next year. the actors have not yet been signed. 8:23. "the wall street journal" reports one of the bay area's greenest companies is about to get financial company for a company recognized around the world. the paper says later today, solozoime, that's developed an algae oil, that could be a replacement for palm oil used in some products, including dove soap. barbara boxer praised this praising the cleaner fuel. the senator there testing it
8:25 am
out. we've had slow traffic on the bay bridge. it's still backed up quite a bit there as we can see. san mateo might be an option for you. the golden gate bridge looks good. earlier we had drizzle. so things are a little bit better there. let's go to steve. >> sal, not even close. >> steve, i have a nice picture of the bay area bridges up so the viewers can take one last week. >> thank you, sal. these just blend into each other, sal, you know what i mean? >> i do. >> let's take a look at the
8:26 am
control room. live stormtracker, 2 there's rain being recorded -- reported up in redding. a lot of 60s. low clouds give way to mostly sunny skies. sunny and warmer friday and saturday. steve, thank you. 8:26. we just got some new information from the hercules police department. it's about that search in the keller canyon landfill. stay tuned. we'll have that for you up next. within the last 30 minutes, there was this -- police take down a man in a mcdonald's pal -- parking lot. we'll tell you what we know now
8:27 am
-- what we know about this suspect. >> reporter: in vallejo, a student was stabbed outside of a classroom. we'll you why students we talked to this morning are concerned about more violence today.
8:28 am
♪ i thought it was over here...
8:29 am
♪ [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ just within the past half hour, a grime research resumed. search teams are looking for the body of frederick salas. they were back at the landfill at 7:45 this morning. today's search will last until 5:00 this afternoon. the man from hercules has been
8:30 am
missing since august 26th. investigators fear salas may be the fifth man involved in a homicide. efrain vardeho -- valdemoro is believed to be the killer. regarding the stabbing at the school, we spoke to the students and they are very concerned about even their friends or their classmates ing ing -- classmates bringing weapons to school and are worried about more violence because of this. we're getting more information from the students about what they believe happened cause of the -- because of the stabbing. this gets kids talking.
8:31 am
word began to spread after firefighters responded the -- the bell rang. the district said this happened because of money. one student was stabbed. the other person who wielded the knife took off. here's what some students noticed -- >> i just heard him tell him, give me my $3. >> any were gambling. he was mad base he lost his money and he the other guy was like, i'm not giving you your money back. >> police are investigating, there are site security officers on campus. but no police officers. that's because of budget cuts at the police department. students say they are worried about what will happen on campus today. >> i think it's scary. i think a lot of people when they come to school -- they feel like they have to protect
8:32 am
themselves. >> reporter: about retaliation? >> that's what i'm nervous about. i hope nothing happens, though. >> reporter: we should mention this campus is in a little bit of a turmoil situation. it was on the school closure list. this will be the last year that hogan high school was open. these kids will be going to vallejo high school. one parent i talked to said he's still upset about that. he's worryied if they can't keep a campus safe now, he's worried about all kids in one school. the school says they believe this is handled. they believe the school is safe. no security measures are planned for today. claudine wong, account, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. some former vallejo police officers will be working in richmond. that's because they are hiring when other departments are cutting their force.
8:33 am
richmond hired six new officers. three of them were with vallejo police. they will undergod aish -- three additional weeks of training before they hit the streets. a special blood donation drive will be held today and tomorrow for officer todd young. officer young remains in serious condition in the hospital after being shot last month. his transfukeses were enough to replace his blood ten times over. today's blood drive will be held at the american red cross on clairmont avenue in oakland. meantime, andrew barrientos made his first court appearance yesterday. an investigator says barrientos admits to shooting but he did
8:34 am
not know this was a police officer. >> whether it's the intentional shooting of a police officer or the tragic misunderstanding on the streets remains to be seen. >> the two officers serving a warrant at the suspect's hughes yelled police! 8:33. san francisco's only gun store could permanently lose its per milts to sell -- permits to sell guns. the manager of high bridge arms on mission street is asking the police -- city about the fer mits. the police department could either approval the -- approve the permit, deny it or send it to the police chief for a review. well, the city of san francisco is raking in millions of dollars more from parking
8:35 am
meters than it did five years ago. that add the revenue is coming from a combination of price increases at the meters and a rise in costly violations. yearly revenue from parking meter has increased about $9 million. citation numbers are up by more than $3 million overall. now, free parking spaces are with to become even harder to find in some san francisco neighborhoods. the city's transportation agency has voted to install more than 1300 new parking meters in ten neighborhoods. the new meters in areas including fishermen's wharf, the mission and at&t park are expected to bring in about $2 million a year. 8:35. leaders of the muni drivers' union are addressing a roomer about a sickout planned for next week. it was started by a flier urging drivers to call in sick between september 1th and 17. that has -- 14th and 17th.
8:36 am
that's when the dodgers are in town to play the giants. the city's transportation agency says they are -- eax says they are optimistic the drivers under about this. sal, have you fixed the commute yet? >> i haven't fixed it, dave. at some point it seems to be getting slower. >> let's go outside and show -- i want to show you san francisco southbound 101. there is a crash at 280 and they are clearing it out -- it now. but the southbound 101 is pretty slow from at least that u.p.s. building. so from at least there. northbound 101 is also slow. moving along. 880, slow and a little bit of wind bouncing the camera up and down. it must be windy right there in that part of oakland. let's move along to the
8:37 am
peninsula. 101 at 92 there was an accident. 101 southbound pretty slow all the way down to redwood city in mountain view. and then we have 880 north and southbound. the traffic there looking pretty good until you reach southbound 880 right near the mall, then it slows all the way down to fremont. here's steve. >> thank you, sir. quite a change here. there's sun out there. there's a lot of clouds. we'll see a little break on some of the clouds on the coast. after everything is said and done, it will be mostly sunny. even that he there was a lot of drizzle. inland will stay partly sunny to mostly cloudy. the possibility of showers exist. we've already had some in northern california. redding's's reported raining shasta, rain up in crescent city, humboldt, ail taurus -- alturis, skyline as well. the first part of the system is
8:38 am
going through. but the wind has juvenile banked. up -- but the wind has cranked up. the coast, even though it will be sunny will be breezy, windy and cool. afternoon showers to the east as we head towards friday and saturday. two parts of the system the one that's going through right now, sliding by right there will get a little break. but there's already reports of clouds building u those will start to filter in later on as we get afternoon heating. there is a spin in the atmosphere and that will provide pretty decent cloud buildups. cloud, windy, cooler. the drizzle is about over and then we'll focus our attention to inland areas. yesterday the city was 60. i warmed you up a little bit because i think the follow will get chewed up.
8:39 am
it will be better than yesterday. sunrise versus cloudwise. 58, santa rosa/napa. 60s or upper 50s for everyone else. 52 in tahoe. it will turn really cold overnight there tonight in to tomorrow. 50s and 60s, especially right there, that system slicing by. the low that has to drop in, doesn't look like much but it doesn't need much. once it comes in, you get afternoon heating. it's only september. it's not like we're into february or november. there is athere is a little bit of afternoon heating. clouds, drizzle give way to sunshine. windy, cooler conditions. we'll look for showers to the north. maybe napa, solano, contra costa later on. 60s, upper 60s or very slow 70s. in locations that were in the mid-90s. cold tomorrow, but then warmer
8:40 am
friday, saturday. >>. firefighters are keeping a close eye on the weather this morning as they continue to battle the buck eye power. it's burning petroleum south of eureka. one structure -- that used to be a structure. it was destroyed by the flames but no other buildings are threatened right now. the fire has burned 350 acres of that grassy terrain which is less than cal fire originally estimated. >> the fire's now 15% contained. the cause is still under investigation. two big fires are making national headlines right now in detroit. flames have swept through at least two dozen homes. power is out to at least 115,000 customers. some fires may have been caused by dead tree limbs falling on
8:41 am
to power lines. officials say it could be days before the evacueeing in colorado can return home. 300 firefighters are on the firelines. but that number is expected to double today. no injuries have been reported. there's more fallout to talk about out from that church leaders's plan to burn up copies of the koran. now there are counter protests in the works. san jose has moved another step closer to what's becoming a big league baseball city. droiiiid.
8:42 am
what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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8:44 am
we have an update on some breaking news from sacramento. a standoff situation with an armed man has just come to an end. these are pictures from a short while ago of the man surrendering. you see him there down on the ground. the situation started about two hours ago. we know the suspect was wanted in washington state and was driving a stolen car. but it's still unclear if that is why police were looking for hill. several roads in the area were shut down and businesses were locked down as well during the standoff. this happened in a mcdonald's parking lot in the north
8:45 am
highlands area of sacramento. closer to home -- there were some tense moments in one castro valley neighborhood around midnight last night, when sheriff deputies received a frantic call that an armed man was inside a home on grissom and lux. officers surrounded the home and sealed it off for more than an hour. the man surrendered after a negotiator arrived on the scene. it's still not clear if he had a gun. they say it's possible the entire incident may have been the result of a misunderstanding. it's 8:45. let's brick you up to date on some of the other top stories -- sunnyvale police have looking at new surveillance that may help solve a series of arson. it one shows what appears to be a man lighting a vehicle on fire. look at the top of the screen. the suspect is only described aslb, about 19, 20 years old -- described as latino about 19, 20, 5'8" to 5'10".
8:46 am
you can see the police sketch. and president obama heads to cleveland. the president will outline a series of new business tax credits and tax breaks. and this morning, bp released its intern's report on the gulf -- internal report on the gulf oil spill. bp spreads the blame around saying multiple companies and work teams contributed to that oil spill. the bay area is dealing with it own oil spill -- with its own oil spill in the petaluma river. alameda-based trc was tearing apart the boat for scrap metal when the leak was first noticed on monday. but fire officials say the company did not have a permit for the ap ration -- operation. >> it would have paperwork on file with the approval and the operator would have that as
8:47 am
well. >> at this point there's no record? >> no record. >> the company could face fines once the investigation is complete. in the meantime, the company is working to clean the hundreds of gallons of oil. fish and game says there's no harm from wildlife -- to wildlife in the area. the controversial head of a small florida church says he's getting death threats for his threat to burn the koran on this week's anniversary of september 11th. the reverend says he's not backing down but is still praying about it. a number of other florida churches say they will read from the koran on saturday to countrier balance jones. students are planning protests. the vatican, the white house and the u.s. military have denounced the plans to burn the koran saying it will incite new
8:48 am
violence. construction crews have installed a 70-foot column from the world trade center at ground zero to honor the victims and this column has been set up at the entrance to the september 11th memorial and museum. officials are promising the memorial will be opened by next year in time for the 10th anniversary of the attacks. 8:48. state insurance commissioner steve poizner is now endorsing his former opponent in the primary for governor, meg whitman. in a statement he says he endorses whitman along with all of the other republican candidates in the november election. analysts say poizner's endorsement of whitman appears half-hearted. in the statement, he only mentions whitman by name once. whitman said there are no plans for any joint appearances.
8:49 am
a rasmussen poll shows fiorina and box he are running neck-and-neck. fiorina is at 48%. boxer, 47%. fiorina has gained percentage points. san jose mayor chuck reed says building a ballpark for the as is a big step in the right direction. >> once you have an architect on board, you can refine the plans and get the details and be prepared to answer the questions about the site itself and how it's all gonna work out. now,now, the owner of the as has proposed this and the city is in talks to sell the land. the as are still waiting to see it they can get the approval to
8:50 am
move the team. we'll show you more photos of the proposed ballpark at our channel 2 website, look for the slide show tab. we're now hearing that some members of a committee charged with solving california's water problems have renewed efforts to come up with a plan by the end of the year. regulators and some some of the leaders from water agencies have been meeting privately trying to finish the bay area del to conservation plan. they say talks are needed to bring a stalemate on the bigger committee. despite more than three years of meeting, no agreement has been proposed for any of the issues. the fda is on the verge of approvalling a -- of a0 proving
8:51 am
-- of approving salmon that grow twice as fast as wild salmon. critics are especially concerned about genetically fish crossbreeding with the wild salmon. and cnn is announcing its replacement for larry king. it's peers morgan. he will take over king's prime time slot starting in january. piers morgan announced his retirement in june. local police are pushing for a new crime-fighting tool. this is something could -- that could benefit the bay area. and craigs -- and now that craigslist has some services shut down, others are picking up the heat.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:54. in los angeles, the fbi says it found no explosives overnight aboard an international flight where a bomb threat was found scribbled on a bathroom mirror. after landing at l.a.x. last night, the thai airways flight was taken to a remote area where passengers safery got off. investigators conducted a thorough search but found nothing. the threatening message was found two hours before the landing. the plane was coming in from
8:55 am
bangkok. also this in los angeles, police are pleading for calm after a second night of violent protests. what started out as a peaceful march ended with demonstrators igniting a small fire in the middle of the street. there are reports of people pelting a police station with eggs, rocks and bottles. 22 people were arrested, mainly for failing to disperse. the protests are over the death of an armed guatemalan man shot and killed by police. remember rodney king? well, rodney king will soon walk down the aisle with a woman who played a major role in his past. he's going to marry one of the jurors would awarded him $3.8 million in the civil lawsuit against los angeles police. they reunited just four months ago. back in 1991, four officers were caught on tape viciously beating rodney king the they were tried for using excessive force.
8:56 am
but they were later acquitted. that triggered violent riots that left 55 people dead and more than 2,000 injured. a group of east bay lawmakers and police say high- quality preschool for bay area children would save money and help fight crime. the group says spending $117 million a year on preschool programs would save $ $150 million -- million in special education costs and public schools would save $3 million a peer because children who attend preschool are less likely to repeat grades. the study also showed people who attend preschool are less likely to commit crimes later in law. now that craigslist has pulled their sex ads off their business. the bay area website censored had self apparently over criticism about the ads. now according to the san francisco business times, other
8:57 am
ads are carrying hundreds of new ads for sex-related business, with many of them headquartered outside of the united states. craigscraigslist has been the target of promoting prostitutional. we want to:00 in with sal. what's going on with the east bay? >> well, the east bay seems to be pretty slow. the sunol grade freeway is starting to get into act. 880 northbound, some slow traffic here as you pass the coliseum. at the bay bridge toll plaza, still about a 15-minute wait. here's steve. we have some partly to mostly cloudy skies. some sun breaking through. but a friend of mine, mike delfina is down in san jose, he says, steve, we got a few sprinkles down there. the front is going through down the south bey would not be
8:58 am
surprised if a couple of air -- of areas are reporting sprinkles. that will give way to sunny conditions toward the coast. a few showers are possible, especially up in mendocino county, lake county. >> maybe contra costa later today. >> you said there would be a big change. >> yes. next wednesday/thursday could be our first real rain. >> that does it for us. thanks for watching, everyone. >> there's the angry sky. >> yep. >> bye now.
8:59 am

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